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We provide 24/7 Hours Ambulance Services all over India


Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance or Air Charter Ambulance Service is the fastest way of emergency patients’ transportation services. ASHA Ambulance Service Pvt Ltd Company provides this aeromedical rescue service in King B200, King C90, Jet Aircraft, and Pilatus PC12 air charter medical flights. This air charter ambulance is well-occupied with an entire set of emergency medical supplies and equipment. One MD and one Paramedical Technician monitor the patient in this private air ambulance service. There two patient’s relatives also join us in this aerial medical journey. With the bed-2-bed service, this ISO Certified Company regulates anywhere in India.


ALS Ambulance

ALS Ambulance stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support Road Ambulance Service. This is India's advanced and high-care road ambulance service in which A to Z emergency medical equipment sets and accessories are available to the patients. Force Traveler is used as this ALS Ambulance Service. The entire sets of emergency equipment such as Cardiac Monitor, Ventilator, Infusion Machine, Suction Pump, Nebulizers, Defibrillator, External Pacemaker, Oxygen Cylinders, and all emergency valuables are available inside this ambulance service. One ICU Doctor and one trained paramedic take care of the patient inside this ICU on wheel ambulance service.


BLS Ambulance

BLS Ambulance stands for Basic Life Support Ambulance Service. This ambulance service is used to transfer normal, accidental, and ward patients from one place to another place. Winger, Bolero, Tavera, Omni, Sumo, and the small vehicles are used as a BLS Road Ambulance Service. Inside this ambulance service, the normal medical setup is existence for the patient. One trained ICU Paramedical Technician takes care of the patient where one doctor is on-call to assist the patient. Oxygen Cylinders and normal medical assistance are always helpful for the patient in this ambulance with round the clock service.


Cardiac Ambulance

Cardiac Ambulance or Heart Care Ambulance is a type of ALS Ambulance Services. This ambulance service carries all types of emergency or ICU patients by shifting from one hospital to another hospital. ASHA Ambulance Service Pvt. Ltd has India’s most recommended and advanced cardiac patients’ accommodation inside this ambulance service. Inside this ambulance service, there are all the emergency medical accessories and devices are available to the patients. One doctor and one paramedical technician assist and treat the patient from one bed to the destination bed. This ambulance service in India is the most demanding Road Ambulance Service presently.


Train Ambulance

Train Medical Transportation Service in India is also called Train Ambulance Service. This is another mode of patient’s transportation by the railway route. Especially, the 1st or the 2nd AC Tier II Berths are used for this Train Ambulance Service. ASHA Train Ambulance Service Pvt. Ltd provides one ICU Specialist Doctor and one trained Paramedical Technician for this Train Ambulance Service. Mainly, ALS Ambulance Service picks and drops the patient from the primary hospital to Railway Line and vice versa. All the portable and advanced emergency medical equipment sets are connected in this rail ambulance journey. Our Healthcare Unit is able to take responsibility for all.


Commercial Stretcher

Commercial Stretcher or Commercial Airlines Stretcher is another type of Air Ambulance Services. This is a completely scheduled medical flight where there are some restrictions in accordance with the patients in India. ASHA Ambulance Service provides this Commercial Stretcher Service with the help of one ICU Specialist Team Unit from one city to another city. According to the patient’s needs, our medical setup is available for the patients. Generally, This Commercial Stretcher Service is cheaper than Air Charter Ambulance Service. The time of clearance and transportation takes at least 48-72 hours for this Commercial Airlines Stretcher Service. Make a call to know more information.


Corpse Ambulance

Corpse Ambulance Service for Dead Body Transportation is one of the pious medical transportation services in the world. In this pious body transfer service, this ambulance service provides the sanitized environment and well-equipped medical setup. This ambulance service company has been specialized in this dead body transportation service with the complete ritual privileges in India. This corpse ambulance service provider offers this displacement service by Air as well as Road in India. Corpse Ambulance Service is well furnished with coffin box, freezer box, and embalming facilities for this service.


Coffin Box

Coffin Box or Casket is a funerary box for the corpse of the defunct body. This box is used for keeping a sacred body or corpse, either for burial or cremation.The word coffin is French which means basket. ASHA Ambulance Service, AAS provides all qualities of coffin boxes. Generally, this coffin box is founded in the form of wood, and stainless steel. The coffin box has different sizes, shapes, and quality. As per the demand of the guests and the need of the sacred soul bodies, we provide them this Coffin Box and its transportation service all over India. We always provide our best products and services for sacred medical evacuation services.


Freezer Box

Freezer Box or Dead Body Freezer Box is used to preserve a dead body for a few hours and to display dead. Any person can transfer his dead body with the help of a freezer box on rent in various cities Delhi, Patna, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and many more Indian cities. This Freezer Box Service is available in Corpse Ground Ambulance, Commercial Airlines, and Road Ambulance Service. ASHA Ambulance Service operates this freezer box delivery service from one city to another city. With all the possibilities, we accommodate this dead body freezer box products and services at the best price. Anyone can join us on-phone anytime.


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