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ALS Ambulance Service

ACLS or ALS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support that is a four-wheeler medical transportation service. This ambulance service carries all types of emergency or severe patients' transportations from one place to another place. In India, ALS Ambulance Service occupies Tata Force Traveller Vehicle.
Generally, this ambulance service is used to transfer a very severe patient for a long-distance or short distance. Inside this ambulance, all the essential emergency medical accessories are available to the patients. There are some ICU accessories such as Portable Ventilator, Cardiac Monitor, A Set of Infusion Machines, Suction Machines, Nebulizer, Oxygen Cylinders, Respirator, Laryngoscope, External Pacemaker, Defibrillator, Regulator, Emergency Medicines, Emergency Medical Kits, and the whole basic to advanced life support devices.
This ALS Ambulance Service keeps a trained ICU paramedical technician and in accordance with the patient, one doctor treats the patient. This is the highly demanding ambulance service in all over the world. To transfer the patient, ASHA Ambulance Service provides A to Z medical supplies under the bed to bed service privileges.

There are the following features of this ALS Ambulance Service:

  • This is a spacious ambulance where all the sets of emergency medical equipment adjusted properly.
  • With the patient, there are two or three attendants can travel along with us from one bed to the destination bed.
  • Before initiating the ambulance journey, this ALS Ambulance is sanitized in a proper way.
  • One Doctor and one trained paramedical technician conduct this ambulance journey under the bed to bed service.
  • To carry the patient, we provide a scoop stretcher or orthopedic stretcher in this ambulance.
  • Scoop Stretcher reduces the chance of undesirable movement of the injured areas during the transfer of a serious patient.
  • We care for the patients with spinal precautions, scoop stretcher, vacuum mattress, and many more.
  • All ages of patients can easily change their position with the help of this ALS Ambulance Services.
Which type of patient can take advantage of this ALS Ambulance Service?

Mainly, there are four types of medical ICU patients who change their hospitals for their higher medical treatment sake. They are Coronary Care Patient, Cardiovascular Care Patient, Pediatric Patient, and Medical-Surgical Patient. ALS Ambulance Service transfers these patients by providing advanced ICU care with treatment and remedy.

Is this ALS Ambulance Service is safe for a long-distance medical journey?

In fact, this ALS Ambulance Service is well-occupied with emergency medical ICU supplies. One doctor and one paramedic care for the patient during the whole ambulance journey. Mainly, within 300 KMs, this ambulance service is good. By the way, due to the lack of medical transportation, this ambulance service can be used without any issue.

How many patients can be shifted by this ALS Ambulance Service at one time?

It is only one patient can get the benefit of this ALS Ambulance Service. With the patient, there are 2-3 relatives who can travel along with us with 10 kg bag and baggage.

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